Mohi Sansiel

Mohi (Moe) Sanisel

Entrepreneur | Product Manager & Owner eBusiness Analyst & Consultant

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Toronto, Canada


I was born in the first days of the ’90s, almost when WWW, Windows 3.0, and Photoshop came into existence. As the son of a computer programmer, I grew up staring at the black screen of the MS-DOS, turning the PCMag glossy pages, and writing QBasic and FoxPro codes out of curiosity.

By designing a website for a travel agency and receiving my first dollar at the age of 12, I experienced the seductive feeling of making money. At 15 received an award from M. Khatami -former president of Iran- for creating an all-inclusive tourism website. Until 22, I worked with different companies to save money for my personal projects.

At 22, being the CTO at one of the top 10 web hosting companies in Iran, I resigned to mix what I love and what I know to make a long-lasting impact. 2nate, the crowdfunding platform, launched. It helped tens of thousands of people have a better future and helped me find out my life mission: To Achieve prosperity by assisting people in having better lives through leveraging technology.



In 6 Months

  • Have a job in Toronto’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. ✓Done
  • Grow my network of Canadian entrepreneurs by 30 quality connections.

In 5 Years

  • Founding and managing a tech startup with a 9-figure valuation.
  • Positively and directly, impact 1 million lives.

Can you help me to achieve my goals?

Job Highlights

The DMZ    •   Since July 2021

Programs Lead

DMZThe DMZ is Ryerson University’s business incubator for early-stage technology startups. The DMZ is Canada’s top university business incubator, open to tech startups worldwide and helping entrepreneurs win since 2010.

VTRAC Robotics Corporation    •   2020 – 2021

Sr. Solution Delivery Consultant

VTRAC Robotics is a technology-enabled company offering Autonomous Robots, Applications, and Platforms to improve the quality of people’s lives with a focus on Health & Safety.

NovinTech Startup Accelerator   •   2018 – 2019

Acceleration Program Manager

Bank-backed startup accelerator specialized in FinTech and eCommerce.

2nate Crowdfunding Platform   •   2014-2019

Founder, CEO

Country’s largest crowdfunding platform with the accumulated transactions of 1+ million dollars.

Mega Business Group   •   2016 – 2017

Chief Technology Officer

MEGA is the exclusive online vendor of major automobile manufacturers in Iran. Annual transaction volume hit 4.1 billion dollars in 2016, roughly 25% of the national eCommerce market.

irPowerWeb   •   2013 – 2014

Chief Technology Officer

Among the top 10 web hosting companies in Iran with more than 400,000 active services.


Since years ago, I’ve focused to grow my skills in entrepreneurship and business management. Bars show how confident I am in these areas (+ trying to be humble):

Understanding the nature of startups
Assessing Business Models
Financial Planning
Business Strategy
Marketing (Digital)
Project Management (Agile & Scrum)
Raw Data Interpretation

Although technical areas are not my main focus anymore, having a technical background always comes in handy. These are the technical areas that I have exposure:

Windows, Linux GUI & CLI, MacOS
Office Family
Adobe Family
UI/UX (Design & Development)
Backend Development (PHP, MySQL)
Cloud & Virtualization


I have had the pleasure of working with Moe since he was managing 2nate, the largest and first-ever crowd sourcing platform for Persian speakers around the world. Moe is an extraordinary person with unique people skills. He can surprise you with radical innovative ideas and at the same time he is open to insights from his teammates and clients regardless of their disciplinary backgrounds. Another quality of Moe is his presentation skills. I have seen him managing and hosting large conferences as well as pitching business ideas to small groups of people. Regardless of the nature of events and audiences, he can impress everyone and communicate information clearly and effectively. I strongly recommend Moe without reservation.

What I like about Moe is his honesty, his capability in team-building, and his leadership potentials. His technical background and knowledge are placed in an intersection of tech and product design which allow him to have unique potentials in high-level planning while being practical and goal-oriented.

An unstoppable passionate individual. I know Mohi since 2013 when we were working on our startups. Mohi’s dedication to his vision was exemplary. I observed how he pushed himself forward to make his company mature and successful, and helped others along the way. Mohi has a creative and entrepreneurial mindset. I can’t find any challenge hard enough to stop him from achieving his goals in his career.

Moe is the most purpose-driven person I know. He was my first employer and the passion I saw in him made me even more interested in the startup world. He is visionary and can turn his vision into good strategies that can drive the startup in the right direction. He knows how to lead a team by providing… See more


Seneca College    •    2020-2021   

Diploma, Business, 4.0

Some valuable courses: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Project Management, Production and Operations Management, Business Statistics, Data Analysis Tools for Business, Financial Analysis, Business Economics, CRM & Selling, Business Communication, Professional Presentation Skills, Human Resources Management, Organizational Behaviour, Canadian Business Law, etc.

Aptech Computer Education    •    2008-2010   

ACCP, IT, 3.6

Some valuable courses: Programming principles & C Programming, OOP concepts & C++, Fundamentals of Java, Java Enterprise Application Development, Programming with JavaScript, Data management (SQL server), Querying with MySQL, Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications, Web application development using PHP, etc.


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